arzuq shriners MOTHERs DAY 5k

After a week of 5:30am workouts I decided I must keep it up on the weekends and joined Renee, Vicki, and Paula (renne’s mom). It was pretty brutal (never along the beautiful lake) more woods and street trail and i barely survived but I did jog (albeit slowly) with a finish time of 34:30, not too bad in my opinion for 3.1 miles. Paula was the champion—and won an awesome rasberry publix cake. Victoria was right behind her (I don’t know how these people do it!) and Renne had an impressive personal record of 27 something… My Heros! Maybe one day I will reach their calibur.

3 thoughts on “arzuq shriners MOTHERs DAY 5k

  1. Terri, Happy Mpther’s Day!! I had a great time. I am glad you joined us. You were Awesome! I can not wait for the next event. Thanks for taking the awesome pictures.

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