CaMo PajaMo’s HaPPy DaY

Although Camden’s B-Day wasn’t until Wednesday, we decided to have his party the weekend before at St. George Island. The weather was not great, but we were happy it didn’t rain. We started out at The Blue Parrot, a restaurant right on the beach. Slideshow of some pics below thanks to Aunt Betsy

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After a quick lunch we got right to the cake. The Camo cake was his personal smash cake, and the red fish were cupcakes. Someone must have told Camden it was a smash cake because that is exactly what he did. Videos below thanks to Pops…

Thanks to everyone that came out and took a chance with the weather to make Cam’s birthday a great day – Nana and Pops, Jake Betsy and Koby, Jenny and Taylor, and Dee and Ashley.

Wedensday April 28th was a great day!  Camden had a blast with cupcakes and friends at CaCa’s.  Then we had a McDonalds Happy Meal picnic on the porch.  Liam was sick, sick, sick and unfortunately the boys got Barbie’s from good ole Ronald, but nothing could get them down! They played with those Barbie’s till the sun came down.  We sang a little happy birthday with hot fudge sundaes and boy was that a happy one year old boy.  He scarfed down two sundaes and wanted MORE!  He was not so happy after we told him he couldn’t have a third one as you can see from the last 2 pictures. We enjoyed every second of this day and EVERY day with this little man in our life.  LOVE YOU CAMBURGER!

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