gulf county health department

****READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION—THERE WILL BE LOTS OF WHINING AND POSSIBLY SOME ANGER DISPLACEMENT, but if I vent on my blog, perhaps I won’t file a law suit that I can’t afford ****

My little Liam wakes up with oozing eyes, one bright pink and puffy/swollen underneath and Tallahassee Pediatrics says he’s got to be seen.  Well, we are two hours from Tally & 30 minutes from St.Joe and it is 4:45.  Luckily gulf county health department (not worthy of being capitalized, in St. Joe) was open until 6 and they accepted patients until 5:30 (only emergencies 5:30-6).  They told us to come on in!  We get close and can’t remember the street name, so I call back. Only now, they can’t find Liam in the system (I was pretty sure he had been seen before).  Now they say…”well its 5:15 and it will take us too long to start a new file.” Again I ask for location to be ignored and refused the address.  Are these people crazy?  Did they really think we weren’t going to show up?  Well (thank you iphone) we found the address and made it right around 5:30….only to be greeted by.  No, we told you we aren’t going to see him.  I’m like what its before 5:30 and would have been much before if  you TOLD ME THE NAME OF THE STREET!!!  But no, they continue to refuse treatment and suggest the hospital instead.  The hospital to check for an EAR INFECTION that would take your doctor 5 stinking minutes!!!??  After telling them about how helping professions should HELP people and although I stay late to HELP CHILDREN IN NEED I could understand if it were after hours, but we were going to be there during operating hours and they straight REFUSED MEDICAL TREATMENT which makes me think they are horrible people that karma will get eventually (in a bit more colorful way), we left. {On a side note, even Jono yelled at them which should tell you they really were being jerks}  Anyway, we showed up the next morning at 7:25am (so that we could sit there until 8:40 before even leaving the waiting room) and eventually found out Liam had an ear infection and needed antibiotics and eye drops. Poor guy ran a fever all night because of the PATHETIC people that work in the front office of the gulf county health department.  YOU GUYS SUCK AND I HOPE YOU ALL SUFFER A EXTREMELY PAINFUL  UNTREATED EAR INFECTION FOR AT LEAST 14 HOURS AND HAVE TO MISS A VERY IMPORTANT 2 HOURS OF WORK.

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