Liams 3rd Birthday

What a day from start to finish. The weather was warm and the boys LOVED some swimming.

After an unexpected extra long nap, Mama got home and we rushed to Rummy’s to meet everyone for the party. It couldn’t have went better. Liam loved seeing everyone – Nana, Pops, Grandma, Jake, Betsy, Koby, Catie, Danielle, Sophie, Olivia, Meagan, Brad, Johnny, Anna, and even a suprise visit from one of Teri’s students, who Liam may have had the best time with.

After cake and a bit of hanging out we went outside for presants. Liam absolutely loved everything he got. However, he may have been a bit overwhelmed. This became obvious when he opened a dinosaur book and finally said “OK I’m done,” and sat down with his party hat, new sun glasses, and began to read.

Thank you to everyone for coming and making this such a great day. Liam loved every second of it. On the ride home he was not interested in watching a movie like a usually does. He kicked back and continued his book. We even caught him singing one more birthday song to himself before his big happy day was over

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