sPRINg bREAk here we COME

Yesterday was LONG but worth every second.

SCHOOL I introduced about 5 kids to the world of Harry Potter and wrapped up some report cards. Then I got to spend 5 hours with KINDERGARTEN & PRE-K tAking me right back to the good old days when I did this everyday for 5 yrs. We wadled like penguins through the halls, I opened 17 juice cups & animal crackers, played red rover (which in retrospect was a bad idea), and made SUSHI: flatened rice (krispy treats), rolled in fish (gummy worms), and wraped (in fruit roll up), slice and served!

HOME rushed on home to my LIAM. He was said the rest of the boys weren’t with me but very excited to meet them at the beach. We rushed to get him a haircut and straight to target bc (although he hates flip flops) I told him Koby had some and he had to get 2 pairs! Back to see grandmas to play with uncle Tom from NYC a little more before An AWESOME bed time story. So exhausted we both barely made it through the end.

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